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Bliss News!

Bliss News!

Hello everyone!! Welcome to Bliss News! I will be sharing a lot of things with you. Once per month (maybe twice if it's something super cool!) I will highlight a variety of topics that include all things massage and bodywork, holistic approaches, food, herbs, awesome local and world wide things, specials, all things inspirational and more! 

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December 2019 Almond Walkers Recipe

December 2019 I have some goodies!

August 2019 What is available & Heaven Sent Hemp

Jan-Feb 2019 Quick Message

December 2018 Cupping, Kanza and Thai/Bliss Game-New Broadway Sidewalk Rail Guards

November 2018 Mindful Giving/Bliss Game-Downtown Dental

October 2018 Saying No/Bliss Game-Country Music Hall of Fame

September 2018 Devices, Energy & Creating a Sacred Space/Bliss Game-Chit Palm

August 2018 Punta Allen & Adrian Morales-Capturing the Craft/Bliss Game-Cabbage

July 2018 Journey Wisdom, Inspiration, Around Town, Disappearance of my Wormies/Bliss Game-Hard Rock Cafe Gift Shop-Silver Dollar Saloon

June 2018 Crossfit Lesson & Word of Mouth Interview/Bliss Game-John Sevier

May 2018 Simply Earth & Karla Kirkland/Bliss Game-Aloe Vera

April 2018 VHS, Recycling & Art/Bliss Game-Sheraton

March 2018 Word of Mouth-Lily Hansen, Nurse FunShine, Our Vessel-Our Miracle/Bliss Game-Pineapple

February 2018 Back to School, Herbals, TWIG, Socket & Hammocks/Bliss Game-TPAC

January 2018 Food Journey/Bliss Game-Coconut

December 2017 Salt & Sole, Yoga & Indelible Dance, Herbals/Bliss Game-Pinnacle

November 2017 Good Guts & Goodness, Honey, Self-Care & Mindfulness/Bliss Game-Happy Notes

October 2017 Costa Rica, Hospice Therapy/Bliss Game-Light Meander

September 2017 Vermicomposting, Self-Care, Downtown Stuff & Inspiration

August 2017 Total Eclipse, Herbals, The Fuzz

July 2017 Foot Neuroma, Kombucha

June 2017 - Please ask for it. Was done on a different platform.