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"In November of 2018 I ran my first marathon at age 41. I’m not someone you would label a runner or even a jogger. The purpose was not for a PR and this wasn’t something on my bucket list. The months of training were in honor of someone close to my heart. I was prepared for the aching, limping and other physical ailments I would encounter. There was no doubt it would be worth it, but I didn't have a plan for how to stay strong and healthy through miles and miles of training.
A friend gave me a gift I didn't know I needed when he told me about Michelle's work. I met Michelle a month into my training and credit her for the key ingredients she kneaded into my body to keep me intact while training for and running 26.2 miles. A mix of massage, stretch and sometimes a focus on just one muscle, for over an hour, is what helped me cross the finish line. She also sifted in a great chiropractor, a foam roller, epsom salt baths, countless encouraging words and gentle, yet firm, care for my most physical experience to date. Michelle also introduced me to Heaven Sent's Transdermal Extract. She has done her research on these products and when I did mine, I was glad to learn the Middle Tennessee company takes what they do seriously and holistically. They are not just trying to be a part of the latest health craze. The small amount of the ointment needed was the icing on top in the final stretch of training for me. It soothed multiple parts of my body that I'd put in a constant state of ache. Given what I was doing, I knew that pungent smell of medicinal ointments would be my new perfume, but not with the Transdermal Extract. Though my legs don't throb like they used to, I still dab on most nights because I find the scent calming and peaceful.  
Many people, places and things were critical to my training and completing the marathon, but Michelle was a catalyst for healing with her knowledge, touch and belief in the products she backs."


"I had suffered from low back pain for quite some time. I started using the Transdermal regularly through the introduction of it during our sessions. With consistency, this has decreased to almost non existent and I use it now as needed. How it really works, I have no idea, but it does. The CHT is quite amazing. It's like taking a pain pill with immediate healing, but without the side effects or the masking of the issue. I feel stronger than I have in some time and I am even doing yoga daily. I also had digestive issues for most of my adult life. I started taking the gut/brain/axis Fundamentals product and my gut health is restored. I feel I would not be where I am today if I hadn't implemented her work and these products."


"I am a Registered Nurse as well as a certified Thai Massage Therapist and Reiki Therapist. I have also spent years in sports medicine and the spa and wellness industry. Michelle's massage was hands down the best massage I have ever had. She truly has a gift. She is highly professional and yet down to earth and personable. Her experience and generous heart is felt with every movement. An appointment with Michelle will be the highlight of your day!"


"Thank you so much for the incredible 90 minute full body “Boussage.” I have had a lot of massages in my life & this was, by far, the most comprehensive one I have ever had. I don’t think there was a single muscle neglected.  I think what sets your massage apart from all of the others is that it was the perfect combination of therapeutic and relaxing (I especially loved the stretching component).  You have an incredible gift…thank you for using it to help heal others."


"Michelle made my first massage experience with her relaxing, indulgent, and special.  She is truly a master of her craft, and the massage felt worth every penny.  I greatly appreciated her personal attention and the atmosphere.  I left on a cloud!"


"I discovered Michelle while she was still training as an intern at her school and, my goodness, am I thankful.  As a former pro athlete, recreational marathon runner and now lawn-care business owner, I have come to greatly appreciate the value of massage therapy.  I've had countless massage sessions with various therapists over the years and, without question, Michelle has been the best.  Even while still in training, she was so knowledgeable and precise; it was easy to tell, she truly has a gift.  When I returned to the clinic a few months later for another massage, I requested Michelle and was very pleased to learn that she would be available to work on me again.  Now that she has graduated and been certified, I have and will be seeing her for therapy regularly.  Do yourself a huge favor, see Michelle SOON...your body will love you for it."


"From the moment I walked in the door, I felt right at ease.  Michelle listened to my needs & applied the perfect amount of pressure to release the tension I'd been carrying around for weeks.  It was a fully relaxing and soothing experience & I am so relieved to have finally found a massage therapist that I'll be returning to over and over again!"


"Michelle!!  How exciting for you and what a great practitioner you will be!  You have gotten off to a wonderful, creative start.  Your skill and touch are excellent and I really appreciate the way you research any issues that a client might have, giving a very personalized massage." 


"As a man who has enjoyed massages from many massage therapists, I was pleasantly surprised with the BlissInBodyWorks experience. My Swedish massage was enhanced by joint therapy that totally relaxed my body. Before we began the session I informed Michelle of my neck and back pain which she was able to concentrate on allowing me to leave pain free. One week later and my discomfort is still gone. My intention with this testimonial is to encourage you to give her an opportunity to relax you. In today’s world anxiety stresses our body in many ways. Good massage therapy can be physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally healing. BlissInBodyWorks provided my body the healing it required."